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Select services:
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Total fees

Run your business and leave the rest to us!

Don’t let the nitty gritty bog you down and distract you from the important stuff.
Talk to us about your needs and let us help you. We are experienced in every aspects of your company’s corporate governance whether you are just setting up or are raising a round of funding.

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We are digital and personal

Save time and fees by using our online dashboard to perform your basic transactions, or feel free call us up any day for more specialised and personal services.

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Secretarial Dashboard (Beta)

Try out our online dashboard and manage all of your company’s basic transactions yourself. Save time and money by generating your own documents for free.

During our Beta period, all service fees are waived!

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Personalised Services

Issuing preference shares for a funding round? Have a customised constitution that you have to comply with? Need emergency help to pass due diligence?

Tell us more. We love challenges.

We aim to make our transaction fees as clear and simple as possible. Feel free to take a look at our rates and compare them with other service providers’.

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Starting Up
Service Fee
Incorporation of Company
(inclusive of S$315.00 ACRA fees)
S$450.00 / Company
Provision of Corporate Secretary
(includes dashboard access and all free services; excludes disbursements such as ACRA filing fees)
S$350.00 / Year
Provision of Nominee Director
(price subject to risk assessment; in some cases, a refundable deposit might be required)
S$2,000.00 / Year
Provision of Nominee Director (Quarterly)
(price subject to risk assessment; in some cases, a refundable deposit might be required)
S$200.00 / Month
Provision of Nominee Shareholder
S$1,000.00 / Year
Provision of Registered Address
(mail forwarding service will be provided upon request at postage + S$10.00 per bundle)
S$180.00 / Year
Creation of Common Seal
(as at 31 March 2017, a Common Seal is optional)
S$68.00 / Company
Employment Pass Application Submission
((inclusive of S$105.00 application fee and S$225.00 issuance fee paid to MOM))
S$750.00 / Transaction
Dependant Pass Application Submission
((inclusive of S$105.00 application fee and S$225.00 issuance fee paid to MOM))
S$450.00 / Transaction
Letter of Consent Application Submission
S$150.00 / Transaction
Assistance With Bank Account Creation
Management Matters
Service Fee
Change of Financial Year
S$50.00 / Transaction
Update Personal Particulars of Officers
Appointment / Resignation of Officers
(officers include directors, auditors, CEOs)
S$50.00 / Transaction
Change of Company Name
(inclusive of S$15.00 ACRA fees for name application)
S$65.00 / Transaction
Change of Constitution
S$75.00 / Transaction
Issuance of Dividends
S$50.00 / Transaction
Change of Business Activities
S$50.00 / Transaction
Change of Company Registered Address
(free if you use our Registered Address services)
S$50.00 / Transaction
Certificate of Appointment of Corporate Representative
S$75.00 / Transaction
Resolution for Approval of Agreement (Simple)
S$50.00 / Transaction
Shares Matters
Service Fee
Update Personal Particulars of Shareholders
Issuance of Convertible Instrument
S$100.00 / Transaction
Issuance / Transfer / Conversion of Shares
(per transaction, per shareholder)
S$65.00 / Transaction
Instatement of Employee Stock Option Scheme (ESOS)
S$150.00 / Transaction
Share Buyback - Equal Access (Section 76C)
(per proposal)
S$450.00 / Transaction
Share Buyback - Selective Acquisition (Section 76D)
(per transaction, per shareholder)
S$250.00 / Transaction
Subdivision of Shares (Share Split)
S$175.00 / Transaction
Reduction of Share Capital (Section 78B)
(per proposal)
S$450.00 / Transaction
Drafting of Fully-Diluted Cap Table
S$150.00 / Transaction
Reporting Matters
Service Fee
Annual General Meeting
(assuming meetings are held remotely using template minutes)
Annual Return
(not inclusive of ACRA fees)
Application for Extension of Time
(not inclusive of ACRA fees)
S$100.00 / Transaction
Other Matters
Service Fee
Striking Off of Company
(assuming undisputed application)
S$350.00 / Company
CorpPass Account Creation
(Free with Nominee Director Service)
S$125.00 / Company
CorpPass Account Transaction
S$50.00 / Transaction
Book-Keeping & Financial Reporting
Service Fee
Book-Keeping (Very Small)
(up to 15 transactions per month)
S$200.00 / Month
Book-Keeping (Small)
(up to 30 transactions per month)
S$300.00 / Month
Book-Keeping (Medium)
(up to 60 transactions per month)
S$550.00 / Month
Book-Keeping (Additional)
(every 30 monthly transactions thereafter)
S$150.00 / Month
Financial Reporting
S$800.00 / Year
XBRL Conversion (Standalone Financial Statements)
XBRL Conversion (Consolidated Financial Statements)
Payroll Management
Service Fee
Payroll (Base)
(up to 5 staff)
S$125.00 / Month
Payroll (Per Additional Staff)
(from 6th staff onwards)
S$20.00 / Month
Monthly GIRO Submission
S$200.00 / Month
CPF Account Registration
S$100.00 / Company
Bank Account GIRO Setup
S$100.00 / Company
Preparation of IR8A (Per Staff)
Preparation of IR21
S$125.00 / Transaction
GST Filing
Service Fee
GST Registration Service - Voluntary
S$250.00 / Company
GST Registration Service - Compulsory
S$320.00 / Company
GST Reporting (Book-keeping Clients)
S$225.00 / Transaction
GST Reporting (Other Clients)
S$300.00 / Transaction
Tax Filing
Service Fee
Tax Computation and Tax Filing
S$400.00 / Year
Tax Returns with Capital Allowance, PIC Claims or S14Q R&R Claims
(additional per item)
PIC Cash Payout Submission
British Virgin Islands
Service Fee
Economic Substance Classification Service
S$800.00 / Company
Economic Substance Filing
S$450.00 / Year
Incorporation of New Company
S$2,000.00 / Company
Purchase of Shelf Company
S$2,000.00 / Company
Purchase of Certificate of Incumbency
S$200.00 / Company
Annual Licence Fee
(payable after first year; subject to changes in BVI Registry fees)
S$1,200.00 / Year

In the event that a transaction is not listed, we are willing nonetheless to try to cater to your need. Please feel free to contact us with any such special requirements and we will provide a fee quote accordingly.

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